Should Sellers Have to Fix Everything Found During Home Inspections?

After you get a home inspection on a house that you are considering purchasing, your inspection report will contain items that should be repaired, which is completely normal! 

No house is perfect. 

Once you get your inspection report back – take a look at the findings with your agent – and decide what you need the seller to fix before you buy the house, & what you can wait to fix yourself after you move in. 

What Should Sellers Fix?

Sellers should be held responsible to fix major issues that would affect your quality of life and safety. A good rule of thumb is to only ask that the seller fix things that will affect your quality of life if you move into the home.

Things to Have a Seller Fix Before You Buy: 

  • Foundation issues 
  • Pest infestations – this is a health hazard! 
  • Major electrical issues 
  • Major plumbing issues like cracked pipes 
  • Mold or water damage – this is a health hazard! 
  • Air conditioning or HVAC issues 

What Sellers Don’t Need To Fix 

Typically, there are things found in inspection reports that don’t need to be fixed right away – but that your inspector noticed an issue that should be repaired once you move in. 

  • Personal preferences like flooring material, paint color, kitchen cabinets, etc. are not things that a seller wants to take the time to fix, and are things that you’ll need to take care of on your own! 
  • It is important to remember that most sellers aren’t talking to just you – they likely have multiple interested buyers. 

So, when considering what to ask for from your seller, think about how much you like the home – & if you are willing to risk losing it to another buyer because of asking for too much from the seller.