You Don’t Need an Inspector to Notice These Home Hazards

While you should always get a home inspection on a home that you are buying, there are some things that are so obvious that you should be able to notice them on your own. 

However, some home buyers aren’t aware of home hazards, so we made a list of ones that you will want to take note of. 

Exterior Cracks and/or Shifting Foundations

Do a walk around the outside of the house. You’ll want to look for any major cracks or shifting around the home’s exterior. 

In particular, look for any cracks in cement, an uneven base around the home, or sunken areas of sod near the base of the home. These are indicative of foundation or grading issues, which can be costly or impossible to repair depending on the severity. 


If you are walking on the floors in the home, especially hardwood floors, and notice that they feel bouncy or squishy, this is something to pay attention to. 

Flooring that is bouncy or uneven is almost always a sign of bigger problems, including: 

  • Water damage 
  • Flooding 
  • Foundation problems 
  • Mold 
  • Frame defects 

Painted Shrubs or Brand New Grass

While this may seem silly, there are actually some people who will spray paint shrubs that are dead to make them look healthy and green again. 

Freshly laid sod is another thing to look for. Both of these could mean that the home’s irrigation system doesn’t work, that the owner doesn’t take very good care of the home, and that there may be other quick fixes that were taken around the property. 

Decoys or Distractions in Rooms

This means, if there are things placed in a room to distract you from something. Mainly, smells or noises – including: 

  • Air fresheners: often, if there are a lot of air fresheners, candles lit, or incense burning in a home, this is a sign that the owner might be trying to cover up an unpleasant smell.
  • Open windows everywhere: While open windows can be used to ventilate a home and let in cool, fresh air; this can also be to let out bad odors and ventilate a home that has poor air circulation. 
  • Noise: If there is music playing, fans everywhere, and white noise makers in the home, this may be to cover up a noisy neighborhood. Make sure to turn all of the noisemakers off to determine the actual sound of the environment.

Get a Home Inspector’s Opinion

While all of these things are a good indicator that there may be hidden problems in the home, it is always best to get a professional opinion! 

However, by looking for these things you can rule out some homes if you have multiple options of properties, and can help make your decision process easier.